ADMTRONICS: Stir-In Additive

ADMTronics has announced the availability of a highly versatile aqueous additive, Polaqua© AD, specially formulated to enhance the performance of virtually any water-based ink, paint, adhesive, coating or resin. With only minor additions of product to a given liquid, the flow, lay down, wet-out and many other characteristics become greatly improved. The product's high lubricity also allows enhanced pumping of any liquid from water and pigment slurries. For optimal results, the manufacturer recommends that Polaqua AD be added directly to a liquid, gently stirring while mixing it in. Addition ranges typically run 1 to 10% by weight depending upon the type of liquid used and the degree of change required.

For more information, e-mail or call (201) 767-6040.

INDUSTRY TECH: Metering Rods

INDUSTRY TECH has announced the availability of a line of Two-Wire Metering Rods designed for applications requiring extra-thick coatings such as building materials, films, thermal laminates, adhesives and more. A standard single wire is overwound with a second smaller wire, which results in a larger modified groove that will produce coatings up to .019" thick. Other features include: a wide selection of coating thicknesses; precision stainless steel wire and core rods; lengths up to 30 ft.; and choice of Teflon, hard nickel, titanium nitride or chrome surfaces.

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