Archway Sales Inc., St. Louis, has announced the acquisition of Cincinnati-based Deeks & Co.

Deeks & Co. is a specialty chemical distributor that was founded in 1937. The acquisition of this company expands Archway Sales Inc’s coverage in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Western New York, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Archway now operates six regional offices and 12 warehouses with 72 employees.

Archway Sales, Inc. is a specialty chemical distributor founded in 1968 with headquarters in St. Louis. Archway’s regional offices are located in St. Louis, Chicago, New Jersey, Memphis, Kansas City and Cincinnati.

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The Board of Directors of the Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc. (ASC), Bethesda, MD, has unanimously approved the appointment of Peter R. Strasser as the ASC's newest Honorary Member. While chairing and serving on the ASC Membership Committee for the past 35 years, Strasser has been instrumental in recruiting more than 20 ASC members.

"Pete is one of those people who is always forward thinking," said Lawrence Sloan, ASC president. "He had the foresight to encourage ASC to move from Chicago to the DC area in the early '80s, so we could better serve our members by being geographically closer to the various federal agencies that affect our industry. He was also influential in the hiring of Mr. Jules Rapp, former ASC executive vice president, in 1977. Pete knew that Jules had what it would take to elevate ASC from a 'good old boys' club to the professional and influential organization it is today."

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Bayer, Leverkusen, Germany, and The Dow Chemical Co., Midland, MI, have completed a license agreement that allows Dow to produce polyether polyols using Bayer’s patented IMPACT technology.

IMPACT technology, a new technology in the global phase of market introduction, incorporates an advantageous process for polyoxyalkylation, which uses a special Double Metal Cyanide (DMC) as a catalyst. This technology enhances the consistency of polyether polyols and provides waste reduction advantages in the manufacturing process.

The license agreement also grants Dow the right to use a continuous process to produce long-chain polyether polyols, which are used as base products for flexible polyurethane slab stock foams. Dow expects to utilize this technology in the future as conversion of production units permits, and will ensure a smooth integration of the new products into the existing portfolio in close cooperation with its customers.

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The Dow Chemical Company has announced the acquisition of Edulan A/S, an independent polyurethane (PU) systems house specializing in rigid foam and elastomer formulation technologies. In addition to Edulan’s business and production facility in Denmark, Dow has also acquired rights to all of its formulated and field-tested systems for a range of polyurethane applications, mainly in the rigid foam market, as well as elastomers for specialties applications.

By establishing a facility in Denmark, Dow Polyurethane Systems, a business unit within Dow Polyurethanes, will be well positioned to meet demand for tailor-made polyurethane systems solutions in the Nordic countries. This will also enable the company to capture emerging demand in the growing economies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

“Dow continues to make significant investments in Performance businesses where we can create additional value for our customers and long-term value for Dow by adding complementary capabilities to our portfolio,” said Juan Antonio Merino, global general manager for Dow PU Systems. “We see a great deal of opportunity for growth in Europe and have made a number of investments in the region recently. The acquisition of Edulan has allowed us to expand our technology offering and formulation expertise to further address a broad range of customer needs, and to better serve customers in the Nordic and Baltic regions.”

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Sun Chemical, Parsippany, NJ, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Nantong Shanjing Metallic Pigments Co. Ltd., a leading aluminum pigment manufacturer in China. This agreement allows Sun Chemical to market the Nantong Shanjing products for coating and graphic arts industries worldwide under the new SunMetallicsTM brand.

The agreement will expand Sun Chemical’s special effect pigment product portfolio to include aluminum metallic pigments manufactured in cornflake and silver dollar styles. The aluminum pigments enable special metallic effects in premium products, such as cars, bicycles, laptop computers, cell phones, cosmetics, cans and coils, and other industrial and commercial products.

The new SunMetallics product line will be launched in North America and Europe in early 2008.

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