Asymtek, a Nordson company and a leader in coating, dispensing, and jetting technologies, introduces the Spectrum S-920 Series of scalable dispensing platforms that adapt to the needs and requirements of high-volume microelectronics manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly such as flip chip and CSP underfill. The scalable machine design matches current and future process requirements for maximum return on investment.

The Spectrum S-920 features technologically advanced and integrated software and hardware control based on Fluidmove®XP (FmXP) software with process control features. Asymtek’s new Rapid Response Heater™ system minimizes start-up time by ensuring quick ramp to set point and delivers uniform heat across the entire part surface with its innovative low-mass design, while Controlled Process Heat (CpH™) software can be added for an even higher level of automated heat control. This translates to higher yield by preventing under- and over-heating and an improved “thermal footprint efficiency” with less power required. Programmable fluid and valve pressure for closed-loop processing, patented Mass Flow Control (MFC), Calibrated Process Jetting (CpJ™) for automatic fluid weight measurement and adjustment, and a digital vision system that provides high-speed fiducial image acquisition also enable increased throughput, accuracy, and productivity.

The Spectrum S-920 Series can be configured with single or dual lanes, and one, two or three heat stations depending on capacity, process control, application, and footprint requirements. As process needs change, the platform can be upgraded in the field and configured to meet specific dispensing requirements, from simple dots of silver epoxy or solder paste to underfilling flip chips with extremely tight keep-out zones. The dual-lane configuration is ideal for applications with long pre-heat cycles or long flow-out times. Dispensing can be done in one lane while parts in the second lane reach temperature set point or flow-out occurs.

The Spectrum S-920 takes advantage of Asymtek’s patented non-contact jetting technology for applications such as stacked die underfill, chip scale package (CSP) underfill, and UV gaskets for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Dispensing into narrow 200-micron gaps between components, shields, or into slots can be difficult or impossible with needle dispensing because the needle might not fit, can clip and damage the die, or require needle calibration to compensate for bent needles. Asymtek jetting overcomes these limitations while offering high-speed dispensing with flow rates up to 500 mg/second and shot rates up to 200 dots/second.

The system footprint is 600 x 1321 mm (23.6 x 52.0 in.) with a single heat station, 850 x 1321 mm (33.5 x 52.0 in.) for two head stations, and 1100 x 1321 mm (43.3 x 52.0 in.) for three heat stations. This slim design maximizes floor space utilization and lowers cost of ownership.

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