Charles Ross and Son Co. recently introduced a new model to its line of Double Planetary Mixers. This new design is unique in that the mix can is raised to a fixed drive assembly. The mix can is normally positioned on the floor with the drives being raised and lowered via a hydraulic lift.

This new design is advantageous to the user as it allows the addition of fixed and rigid connections for liquid, dry powder and other service connections into the hood. The connections do not need to be disconnected between batches.

The unit also includes several added features, such as a CIP system, stainless steel internal surfaces, a flush-type discharge valve, a jacket to heat or cool the batch, and a sanitary finish on all stainless surfaces. Many additional options are available, such as charging and sight ports, variable speed drives, computerized control packages, and more. Sizes are available through 750 gal capacity.

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