This company now offers the Moyno®Vertical Pump for applications in which space is at a premium. Its compact, vertical, close-coupled design easily fits in confined areas and can be flange-mounted to closed tanks or affixed to mounting beams above open tanks. With its inlet submerged, the pump pulls fluid from the bottom of a storage vessel and discharges it out at the surface for further processing.

The Vertical Pump is ideal for low NPSH applications such as: heavy crude oil transfer; skim oil sumps at oil refineries; digested sludge and wet pits in municipal wastewater treatment; pigments for paints and dyes; and filling and emptying holding tanks.

Additional product features and benefits include: flow range of 20-350 gpm; pressure capabilities to 150 psi; compatible with vessels up to 20 feet deep; low-shear fluid transfer; handles high-viscosity, high-solids materials; and more.

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