For medical bonding, potting and sealing applications, Henkel Corp. has introduced a rapid-curing, highly flexible visible light cure adhesive formulation, Loctite®3974TM.  Curing tack-free in seconds, this new adhesive permanently bonds materials with differing coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) and easily accommodates substrate expansion and contraction.

Loctite 3974 Light Cure Adhesive is a low-modulus, single-component acrylic adhesive that cures rapidly on exposure to UV or visible light.  This adhesive can be used on glass, thermoplastic and metal assemblies that must withstand extreme thermal cycling and environmental exposure.  Loctite 3974 Light Cure Adhesive has a Shore hardness of A70 and an elongation of 100%, making it ideally suited for highly flexible components.

Loctite 3974 Light Cure Adhesive is ISO-10993 biologically tested, making it suitable for the assembly of disposable medical devices.  This adhesive fluoresces under black light for easy quality control inspection, and it is available in a variety of package sizes to accommodate manual to fully automated dispensing.

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