ChemInstruments’ new Dynamic Shear tester measures shear force rather than time to failure providing a clearer understanding of an adhesive’s chemistry. Dynamic shear testing offers a faster, more accurate representation of the adhesives ability to resist polymer disentanglement.  

The ChemInstruments Dynamic Shear tester provides graphing capability to show the actual adhesive holding power with one simple test, instead of running multiple hang tests and plotting statistical time-to-failure.  The time to collect test data is dramatically reduced and the integrity of the collected data is improved with the Dynamic Shear tester, as compared with typical shear testing methods.  

The data acquisition system, which interfaces with ChemInstruments EZ-Lab software, uses a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled force measurement package that combines accuracy with ease of use. The data acquisition system simultaneously controls test motion, identifies test forces, stores data and interfaces with the EZ-Lab data management system making data acquisition and data management easier, while providing more powerful analytical capabilities. 

The ChemInstruments Dynamic Shear tester meets the standards specified in ASTM and FINAT test methods including: ASTM D 1002, D 3163, D 3164 and FINAT FTM 18.

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