DurabondTM adhesives and putties are specially formulated to bond metals, ceramics, and dissimilar materials for use to 2000ºF. These metallic composite adhesives overcome the brittle bonds obtained with ceramics while offering some of the ductility and impact resistance associated with soldering and welding.

Durabond adhesives can be drilled, tapped, or machined, and they do not contain epoxies or silicones, which would limit their use to 600ºF. These inorganically bonded and chemically cured composites are ideal for repairing and rebuilding cracked metal housings, exhaust manifolds, molds, dies, boilers, pipes, fittings, worn shafts, and castings.

Durabond adhesives are safe and easy to use, offering no odors or VOCs. Simply mix, apply and cure at room temperature. Fast Setting Durabond Composites (type FS) are now available in aluminum (950), nickel (952) and stainless (954) base.

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