PPG Industries’ Aerospace Transparencies group has been awarded a contract by Bombardier Learjet* to design and manufacture heated glass windshields and side cockpit windows for the Learjet 85* aircraft. The contract calls for PPG to supply original-equipment flight-deck windows and aftermarket parts to Bombardier Learjet for operators of the Learjet 85 business jet, according to Arthur Scott, PPG Aerospace global director for general aviation transparencies.

“Bombardier Learjet wanted glass windshields and cockpit windows for the Learjet 85 aircraft, and PPG was selected because of our expertise and history designing and producing sophisticated glass transparencies,” Scott said. “They will use our latest sealant and interlayer technology for extended service life.”

The four windows will wrap around the cockpit to enhance visibility and aerodynamics, with the large windshields formed into complex, compound shapes. Three plies of Herculite® II chemically strengthened glass will afford strong, lightweight transparencies. The windshields will be designed to resist impact by a 4-lb bird at 300 knots.

Rain-repellent Surface Seal® coating on the windshields will maintain visibility in rain conditions, allowing Bombardier Learjet to eliminate windshield wipers on the aircraft to save weight and reduce aerodynamic drag. The new PR-1425CF chromate-free sealant by PPG used as the outboard moisture seal will provide ultraviolet and weather exposure resistance in an environmentally responsible formulation. The proprietary new PR-2060 sealant will be used as an internal moisture seal to provide an additional barrier to further reduce moisture ingress and extend service life. Highly resistant to moisture damage, S-123 urethane by PPG will be used as the interlayers to bond the glass substrates, affording more elasticity than vinyl to eliminate cold chipping and defend against delamination.

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*Either registered or unregistered trademark of Bombardier Inc. and its subsidiaries.