The Total Service Solutions (TSS) group of PPG Industries’ aerospace business has signed a multi-year contract with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. to provide comprehensive chemical management. Under the agreement, PPG Aerospace’s custom-designed services will support the manufacturing operations for the G450, G550 and G650 programs, including supplying PRC® brand premixed frozen sealant.

“We will take over responsibility for lifecycle management of chemicals, enabling Gulfstream to reduce its related system costs significantly,” said Will Wenck, account manager, PPG Aerospace Application Support Center (ASC)–Atlanta. “With less time and effort needed to manage and report chemical use, Gulfstream can focus on the business of building, selling and supporting airplanes.”

PPG services will include chemicals purchasing, warehousing and just-in-time delivery to Gulfstream, as well as quality-control documentation, inventory management, point-of-use stocking, shelf-life expiration monitoring, and environmental data collection and reporting.

In addition to administering the program, personnel at PPG’s ASC–Atlanta will provide Gulfstream with PRC premixed frozen sealant. They will mix sealant in ready-to-use cartridges that will then be frozen for just-in-time delivery to Gulfstream, and they will forecast usage, conduct quality testing, and manage inventory in freezers at Gulfstream.

“Gulfstream production operations require high volumes of premixed frozen sealant,” Wenck said. “Planning and forecasting are critical because the material has a typical shelf life of only 30 days and must be stored at temperatures below -40°F.”

Geremie Pierson will serve as TSS chemical manager for the Gulfstream project. Grace Hopson is TSS chemical management supervisor at Gulfstream’s Savannah, GA, plant, and will oversee onsite services and lead PPG’s dedicated team.

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