The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

Tape and labels are everywhere - from packages to prescription bottles to industrial applications spanning many industries. This month’s issue focuses on tapes and their everyday and out-of-the-ordinary applications.

A walk through the local supermarket shows just how many applications there are for tape and labels. For example, the coolers holding frozen foods and treats sometimes need seams and holes covered. An article from Venture Tape (“Case Study: New Cooler Repair Tape Takes the Heat Off Refrigeration Contractors”) examines how a mold-resistant cooler repair tape can be used in commercial refrigeration repair, making maintenance easier and helping facility owners avoid costly shutdowns.

In contrast, the tesa tape article “Tapes in Space” looks as how the National Aeronautics and Space Administration launched the Mission International Space Station Experiment, which was designed to test the durability and readability of certain tapes. Talk about an out-of-this-world application!

Be sure to also check out our preview of the tape industry’s PSTC Week of Learning, taking place May 10-14 at the Venetian/Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. Learn more in “Las Vegas Hosts PSTC Week of Learning.”

Our coverage of tape wouldn’t be complete without some interesting or unusual application stories. In “Advancing Adhesives: Peel and Stick,” we examine Fan-A-Peel®peel-and-stick tattoos - removable tattoos made with 3M®medical adhesive tape that are available in designs for more than 100 universities and colleges, as well as custom designs. While theASIstaff might not all root for the same sports teams, we can agree that these temporary tattoos are a good use for adhesive tape.

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