Michem®Emulsion 47950 wax emulsion is a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating additive that also provides effective water repellency and anti-blocking. This product is commonly used as a surface modifier in concrete coatings to reduce or eliminate concrete’s susceptibility to damage caused by weather, equipment, vehicles, or foot traffic.

In concrete construction specifically, Michem Emulsion 47950 improves the resistance of finished concrete to water, scuff, abrasion, stains, graffiti and hot tire pickup. It can also be applied to freshly poured concrete as a curing membrane to control and optimize cure rates, and is often added to “cure and seal” formulations to act as a long-lasting barrier coating.

Michem Emulsion 47950 is also ideal for use in fiber treatments during the production of cordage and twine to enhance slip resistance, as well as in industrial and wood coatings.

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