Henkel has extended its Wafer Backside Coating (WBC) portfolio to also include a solution for stacked die packages. Ablestik WBC-8901UV has been designed to address the requirements of multiple die stack applications for the memory market segment, including packages such as TSOPs, MCPs and FMCs (Flash Memory Cards).

The material offers process flexibility, as packaging specialists can now adjust die-attach thickness based on specific manufacturing requirements and can also select their dicing tape of choice. Film die-attach materials are generally supplied in pre-determined thicknesses as a bundled product that incorporates the dicing tape.

Applied via a spray coating method following the wafer thinning process, Ablestik WBC-8901UV is precisely deposited across the back of the silicon wafer, then B-staged using a UV irradiation process. Next, dicing tape is laminated to the wafer, backgrinding tape is removed and the wafer is diced in preparation for die pickup and placement.

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