A 12-page booklet on the new REACH regulations is available to customers in the coatings industry to help understand the impact of the new European Community REACH regulations on their business. Stahl within REACh/REACh within Stahl was compiled to ensure that the company’s chemical manufacture, import and marketing are fully compliant with both the EC REACH and CLP (Classification Labelling and Packaging, EU-GHS) regulations. It explains how European companies must operate and the steps that must be taken by companies supplying their products to European countries in ensuring that their operations are fully compliant. Failure to register substances in products, for example, will mean that the business will not be allowed to operate.

Most people find that the legalistic language in which such regulations are written can be complex to understand. This booklet has been written in straightforward language with the intent of helping companies to understand their obligations under these REACH and CLP regulations.

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