Someone joked with me recently that it’s difficult to concentrate on green when there’s so much white outside. I’m located in Ohio, and my daughter’s school used up all of its snow days before Christmas-yet the flaky stuff just keeps coming down, and I know that other regions have been hit even harder. Luckily, green development programs and other sustainability-related efforts aren’t actually restricted by the weather!

In fact, I feel privileged to be working with an industry that is actively involved in making the environment safer for future generations. Green chemicals and formulations provide the foundation that helps ensure that our products adhere to increasingly strict regulations while meeting sustainability goals and providing additional benefits to boot.

For example, a new additive provides optimum performance characteristics while being volatile organic compound (VOC)-, hazardous air pollutant (HAP)- and alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE)-free. Learn more in“A Green Substrate Wetting Alternative.”

Polyether-based sealants and adhesives are becoming increasingly popular with architects and contractors due to their low VOC content. These no-solvent products eliminate shrinkage while helping building projects meet various regulations. Additional details are available in“A New Building Standard.”

In this issue, we also spotlight programs and applications that help the environment. For example, Kraft Foods’ new agreement with Henkel and Adhesives Systems Inc. is expected to result in multiple social, economic, and environmental benefits. Read“Initiative Supports Diversity, Drives Efficiency”to find out more. And“Pollution Prevention”details a new hard surface composite paving system that uses post-consumer recycled glass to address the multiple environmental problems that can be caused by stormwater runoff.

We’re always interested in hearing about your green developments. Please feel free to contact me at (330) 336-4098 orsuttons@bnpmedia.comto share your story.