Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Mums of all shapes and sizes are blooming, the leaves are turning the most amazingly vibrant colors, and everyone’s digging out their cold-weather clothes. It seems like every day brings something new and interesting.

We’ve put together an exciting fall potpourri of editorial for you in this issue of ASI. For example, David Nick, president and CEO of DPNA International, Inc., explores“The Role of Adhesives and Sealants in the BRICS Alliance.”Despite the worldwide economic downturn, the countries in the alliance-Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa-are prospering and offer a number of opportunities for adhesives and sealants manufacturers. Discover the potential possibilities here.

The selection of the proper adhesive(s) for flexible packaging applications is vital. The flexible packaging industry is growing, and adhesives manufacturers can help the sector meet the increasing demand. According to Bonnie Richter, Splicing Business Unit manager for Adhesives Research, Inc., “Adhesive manufacturers can add significant value to products by understanding the specialized needs of this market and guiding flexible packaging manufacturers and converters in their adhesive selection process.” Turn to“Increasing Packaging Speeds”to learn more.

We also offer information on testing/quality control in this issue, with articles on rheological tests (“Rheology Solutions”) and industry icon John Johnston’s impact on the testing and development of pressure-sensitive adhesives (“Passing the Torch”). Be sure to take a look at the issue’s full Table of Contents on p. 5, or simply scan the mobile tag on the cover for direct access to all of our content online.