Three high-performance REACH-compliant epoxy adhesives are now available for use by aerospace manufacturers and component suppliers for fabrication, assembly, and repair. The products reportedly comply with federal regulations and are qualified to OEM specifications governing the performance properties of materials used to build and maintain commercial and corporate/private aircraft, as well as helicopters.

Araldite® EP 1000 A/B epoxy adhesive is a nano-toughened structural adhesive paste that reportedly features very high lap shear strength and good peel strength at temperatures of up to 250ºF (121ºC). The translucent epoxy can withstand exposure to aviation fuels and hydraulic fluids.

Araldite AW 4859/Hardener HW 4859 epoxy adhesive is formulated for bonding composite aircraft structures such as stringers, ribs, spars and flight control surfaces. The epoxy reportedly produces joints with excellent hot/wet strength, a service temperature of up to 284ºF (140ºC), and good moisture and chemical resistance. Supplied in convenient dual-barrel cartridges and bulk containers, the toughened black adhesive is sag resistant and gap filling.

Araldite 1570 FST A/B epoxy adhesive is a flame retardant, halogen-free, black paste for use in bonding and repairing cargo panels, as well as other composite and thermoplastic components used in aircraft interiors. The system meets flame, smoke and toxicity standards, including FAR 25.853 (a) and (a-1) and AITM 3.0005, and is qualified to an Airbus specification. Lap shear strength of the room temperature cure material is more than 2,400 psi.

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