The Open Innovation Center Advanced Materials (OICAM) has opened in Nijverdal, the Netherlands. This new innovation center is reportedly a network of companies and knowledge institutions in and around the province of Overijssel that focuses on sharing knowledge, research, and development concerning high-grade materials and materials technology.

Through innovative research, the center will develop demonstration projects and trial productions, new materials, and applications. The goal is for the business community and knowledge institutions to realize new product-market-technology combinations, thus stimulating the manufacturing industry in the region and attracting knowledge workers.

The OICAM reportedly hopes to close the gaps between idea, product and production. At the same time, the OICAM will stimulate starters and spin-offs in materials technology. At least five concrete projects should be delivered in the coming two to three years.

Through the availability of pilot facilities and equipment for trial productions, the OICAM’s goal is to quickly and efficiently actualize new materials and spinoffs. In this way, not only will innovative products be realized, but new international markets will be served at a company level. At the same time, cross-fertilization can take place, since within OICAM several related projects will be in progress alongside one another. New ideas lead to new materials, products and subsequently to new company activities.

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