The Industrial Research Institute (IRI) has awarded its 2011 medal award to Uma Chowdhry, Ph.D. Chowdhry recently retired as senior vice president and chief science and technology officer emeritus at DuPont. The medal, established in 1946, recognizes and honors leaders of technology for their outstanding accomplishments in technological innovation that contribute to the development of industry and the benefit of society. Chowdhry received the medal for her unique combination of business and technology management experiences, coupled with her extraordinary leadership contributions to science and technology.

“Dr. Chowdhry has been vital in leading DuPont’s global market-driven technology-based innovations,” said Ed Bernstein, president of IRI.

“Dr. Chowdhry strengthened the connections between R&D, marketing, and manufacturing to ensure rapid development and introduction of new technologies worldwide,” said Thomas Connelly, executive vice president and chief innovation officer for DuPont. “Under her guidance, DuPont introduced the largest number of new products and filed a record number of patents.”

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