To simplify silicone ingot bonding and protect against wafer breakage, this company has introduced Loctite® 3382(TM), a water-debondable epoxy adhesive that can reportedly provide excellent bond strength to both silicon and the glass and metal mounting substrates used during the ingot sawing process.

The adhesive can replace traditional epoxies that require caustic acids for debonding. It reportedly breaks down easily on exposure to hot water, eliminating corrosive debonding solutions and minimizing the silicon waste that occurs during the wafer cleaning process. It is pink when cured, so it is easy to distinguish from the silicon ingot and the metal and glass mounting substrates during visual inspections.

Dispensable using meter-mix equipment, 3382 is packaged in cartridges, pails and drums. The adhesive reportedly emits no caustic odor, will not corrode equipment, and is fully compatible with current wafer cleaning solutions and processes.

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