This company, formerly Venture Tape Corp., has added two new products to its glazing product line for residential and nonresidential markets. Both products offer superior adhesive performance and a clean, bold look.

Venture Tape®VG700 Series and VG1200 series glazing tapes are closed cell polyolefin foam tapes with a differential adhesive system specially designed for window and door glazing applications. The double-coated foam systems are designed for adhesion to PVC and other typical sash and frame materials, as well as excellent adhesion to glass. The liner side adhesive is designed for adhesion to glass. The exposed/sash side adhesive on both series is compatible with PVC, steel, wood, aluminum, etc., and employs higher heat resistance, better structural strength, and improved performance for in-plant applications. The VG1200 series also has a higher tack sash side acrylic that performs better in colder temperatures.

Both products are AAMA certified (810.1-08) for use as glazing in the assembly of windows and doors and meet the more stringent AAMA Type 1 performance requirements for a primary sealant.

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