SEMICON West will take place July 12-14 in San Francisco.

SEMICON® West 2011, which will take place July 12-14 in San Francisco, will focus on disruptive advances in semiconductor manufacturing technology-including new device architectures, 3-D integration, and hyper-growth “more than Moore” markets. More than 100 hours of business and technical information will take place, with some 500 international exhibiting companies and over 20,000 expected visitors.

The industry is experiencing a convergence of forces as Moore’s Law confronts new developments in semiconductor architecture, 3-D packaging, and emerging technologies. These converging forces further push the interdependencies of all sectors of the value chain-from design to production and test to system developers and OEMS. The limits of traditional device scaling are addressed by research and development in a host of technologies and solutions, including vertical transistors (FinFETs), extremely thin SOI substrates (FD-ETSOI), III-V materials, and 3D-IC and EUV lithography. In addition, MEMS, LEDs and power ICs are all becoming double-digit growth markets that offer new technical challenges and business opportunities for the industry.

“The last decade in semiconductor manufacturing was characterized by traditional scaling advancements with related developments in equipment and materials,” said Karen Savala, president of SEMI Americas. “The coming decade will be marked by new device architectures and platforms for coming nodes, and extends advanced process technologies to exciting new markets and applications. This year’s SEMICON West will assemble the world’s leading companies and experts to inform, educate and debate these exciting changes.”

Highlights of SEMICON West

The SEMICON West exhibition will include four on-floor stages from which presentations on the solutions and challenges in micro- and nano-manufacturing will be given.

Extreme Electronics, the “show-within-the-show,” will focus on new and adjacent technologies-with technical sessions, presentations, and exhibits focused on MEMS, high-brightness LEDs, flexible electronics, power ICs, and other new and disruptive technology markets.

Keynote presentations are scheduled to be given by Tien Wu, COO, Board of Directors, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE); and Luc Van den hove, president and CEO, IMEC.

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