The Dow Chemical Co. recently announced it is planning to expand its cellulosic production capacity, particularly for construction-grade applications, with a geographic focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Cellulosic technology is reportedly a strategic part of Dow’s product portfolio. Global demand for cellulosics in the construction industry grew nearly 15% in the past year alone, outstripping global supply.

Expanding capacity will reportedly position Dow to meet the increasing global demand for cellulosics and demonstrate its commitment to investing in specialty products that deliver an advantage to Dow customers and their markets. Decisions regarding the location and capacity of assets will be made upon completion of a feasibility study.

“For our business, this will help add greater value to our customers around the world,” said Colin Gouveia, global general manager for Dow Construction Chemicals. “Our world-class cellulose ether production sites in Germany and the U.S., along with our steadfast commitment to this industry for more than 40 years, have enabled us to sustain our leadership position in cellulosics. Expanding capacity will allow Dow to further grow this position; maintain reliable supply for our customers; and demonstrate the company’s commitment to invest in attractive, high-growth regions.”

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