The Ross PreMax is an ultra-high-shear mixer featuring the patented “Delta” rotor/stator assembly. The geometry of the Delta rotor/stator generator reportedly produces a double vortex that draws batch material from both the top and bottom of the mix chamber, accelerating dispersion and producing rapid turnover rates. Running at a maximum tip speed of 5,000 fpm, the PreMax can handle viscosities up to 50,000 cP.

Compared to other batch-style mixers, including high-speed dispersers, traditional rotor/stator mixers and immersion mills, the PreMax reportedly delivers more superior particle size reduction. Based on side-by-side tests, it can finish viscous emulsions up to six times faster than ordinary high shear mixers. Sample applications include adhesive emulsions, pigment dispersions, polymer suspensions, solvent cements, coatings and sealants.

Many standard models are available for laboratory batches as small as 1-2 gal and production vessels up to 1,000 gal or larger.

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