FLEXcon recently announced the opening of its newly constructed Technology and Innovation Center. The 20,000-sq-ft state-of-the-art facility will house FLEXcon’s Research and Development teams and provide a controlled environment for collaboration among technology experts in the company. The center will also reportedly drive FLEXcon’s leadership in emerging markets and support the Photovoltaic and Flexible Electronics business units, which are now seeing commercial success and are well-positioned for growth in the future.

In the development of the building, FLEXcon created a product testing environment that includes wet labs, rooms with climate and sound control capabilities, and spacious work areas. The center is intended to help the company’s R&D teams to improve upon its existing product lines, as well as develop new products that will allow expansion into growth markets. The space, located in the center of the Spencer, MA, campus, will allow scientists to collaborate with the machine operators and technicians in the plants, developing products from conception to commercialization.

“The opening of our Technology and Innovation Center is an exciting corporate milestone that will drive new innovations and the future growth of the company,” said Neil McDonough, president and CEO. “Not only is FLEXcon committed to supporting R&D and expanding our facilities, we’re also committed to driving innovation and collaboration that will allow the U.S. manufacturing industry to grow in the future.”

For additional information, visit www.flexcon.com