Ross recently announced the completion of an order totaling 51 high-speed dispersers for installation at two facilities of a multinational coatings manufacturer. Each plant produces a range of products, including decorative and industrial paints, as well as automotive and high-performance specialty coatings.

The high-speed dispersers included in the order are suitable for different size batches up to 75 gal and are equipped with 2-7.5 HP motors. All are floor-mounted mixers supplied with the following features:

  • Disc-type saw-tooth blade
  • Stainless steel 304 wetted parts
  • Foot-mounted flame-proof motor
  • Hydraulic lift power pack
  • Speed control through a pulley and V-belt system
  • Flame-proof limit switches prevent operation of the mixer while in the raised position
  • Clamping device secures mix vessel during mixing

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