The new 3M™ adjustable composite positioning system (ACPS) 11095 is reportedly an easy-to-use positioning spray designed for pre-infusion resin bond dry reinforcements and composite matrices. Properties of the material can enable it to integrate into the part during resin infusion, eliminating read-through and transition layers in the part post-cure. The patent-pending system offers manufacturers benefits in productivity, esthetics and flexibility.

The material is formulated to be compatible with most resin systems, including polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins. It goes down easily on both flat and curved mold designs, and after spraying, the product builds tack within seconds and is tack-free in two to three minutes. Designed for easy use, the product features a color-change system that gives it a blue color when first sprayed, then fades to clear as it cures, allowing users to see the amount of coverage they’ve achieved.

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