Welcome to our annual Dispensing and Curing Equipment Directory! The handy chart-style directory includes supplier companies* and accompanying contact information for dispensing equipment like dispensers, pumps, mixers, and dispense heads. Details on filling and curing (UV and infrared) equipment are also included. In addition, Red Super Star listings indicate display advertisers in this issue. Flip to the advertiser index on p. 46 to locate their advertisement and learn more about their offerings.

Your company might make the most amazing adhesive in the world, but it’s worthless if the end user can’t dispense it efficiently and effectively for their application. As Steven Armstrong writes, “When developing a 2K product that is intended (or has the potential) to reach across many markets, it is important to consider the total system, which includes materials, containment unit/cartridge/piston, nozzle/static mixer, and dispensing system.” Read more about "Dispensing Materials in 2K Packaging."

Complementary editorial for this issue also discusses various options for curing. While light-emitting diode (LED) curing is gaining in acceptance and popularity in the light-curable materials (LCM) industry, questions and challenges remain regarding initial implementation. “One often overlooked fact is that it is essential to match the wavelength of the LED curing lamp with the absorption spectrum of the LCM photo initiator in order to yield the required performance characteristics and ensure a sound investment,” writes Virginia Reed. “This successful pairing is dependent upon having an optimized solution in which a cohesive combination of compatible LCM and LED curing system is established.” Learn about “The LED Curing Advantage.”

Consumers’ hunger for increasing quantities of electronic gadgets has accelerated growth in the micrelectronics industry, where quality control and production speed are of paramount importance. Infrared spot curing can be used to help electronics manufacturers keep those high-quality gadgets coming, and “Accelerating Cure Time” has the details. The full Table of Contents for this issue can be found on p. 4.