Loctite® structural adhesives reportedly allow thinner profile device designs with extremely narrow edge borders. The adhesives are suitable for bonding liquid crystal modules (LCMs) to housings and brackets on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets with displays of any size. They reportedly offer high bond strength on metals, plastics, glass, inks and composites, and provide excellent impact resistance and processing flexibility.

Thermally stable and humidity resistant, Loctite HF (halogen-free) structural acrylic adhesives can provide durable bond lines that seal against moisture or contaminants entering the assembly. Once cured, these adhesives reportedly resist damage from impact even when bond lines are extremely thin (e.g., on edge borders). Fixturing rapidly at low temperatures, these materials can be dispensed in a variety of ways and adapt easily to design changes, process improvements, and substrate substitution.

Four products are available in the HF structural acrylic adhesive family: HF8000(TM), HF8150R(TM), HF8800(TM) and HF8075LV(TM). With varying viscosities for different assembly requirements, the two-component adhesives fixture in 2-8 minutes at room temperature once mixed.

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