For low-surface-energy polyolefin plastics that are extremely difficult to bond, this company has introduced Loctite® 3035™ polyolefin bonder, a two-part acrylic adhesive that can mix easily, store at room temperature, and fixture to plastics and metals in less than 15 minutes without surface preparation or primers. This adhesive reportedly achieves superior bond strength on PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, ABS and nylon, and offers good environmental resistance in a range of end-use applications. 

Designed and formulated for easy use, the bonder is packaged in a 50- or 400-ml cartridge that can ensure an accurate 1:1 mix ratio upon dispense. This mix ratio allows the adhesive to cure properly and achieve a high-strength bond.

As it is stable at room temperature, the new polyolefin boner can minimize energy and equipment costs associated with refrigerated storage. The bonder can be used by manufacturers of appliances, ATVs, outdoor power equipment, outdoor furniture, plastic pipes, storage tanks, toys and watercraft.

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