This company’s new Servo-Flo™ 105-HV high-volume, variable-ratio meter system can be used for high-precision meter/mix/dispensing processes for two-part materials. The high-volume design reportedly dispenses up to 35 cubic inches (575 cc) of metered and mixed material at 1:1 ratio. The dual servo motor system design can allow the ratio to be adjusted without mechanical changes to the machine.

The positive rod displacement metering system reportedly provides maximum dispensing precision and ratio control. For precise ratio control, independent servo motors allow each meter to pre-pressurize to the correct setting to ensure precise on-ratio start of dispense to eliminate off-ratio conditions in the beginning of the dispensed material. The system can provide different shot volume sizes, consistent bead diameters and respond to flow rate inputs for varying robot movement speeds. In addition, flow rates can be varied and stay on-ratio during the dispense cycle.

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