RadTech recently announced the formation of a new committee devoted to fast-emerging UV LED technology. The group’s first meeting is scheduled for February 28 in Redondo Beach, CA, co-located with uv.eb WEST.

“UV LED technology has the potential to play an essential role in radiation curing industrial applications,” said Beth Rundlett of DSM and committee co-chair. “RadTech’s technical efforts will further promote UV LED development and its full integration into everyday industrial processes.”

“Recognizing the growth of UV-LED curing, its use in new applications, and the need for credible information on its benefits and limitations, RadTech has established a committee to address the needs of its membership in this area,” said JoAnn Arceneaux of Cytec and committee co-chair. “One of the committee’s first actions will be to survey the membership in order to identify those needs.”  

For additional information, visit www.radtech.org.