Personnel from Sartomer, a business line of Arkema, will introduce materials solutions that reportedly advance the performance of energy-cured adhesives, 3D printing parts, inks, specialty coatings, and nail gels at RadTech Europe. The event will take place October 15-16, 2019, in Munich, Germany. 

“This year we are excited to introduce our latest advancements for UV/LED and EB curing, including solutions for improved processing, superior reactivity, high-performance functional properties and high-end surface effects,” said Magdalena Doherty, general manager of Sartomer Europe. “We also look forward to sharing our innovative solutions that enable a sustainable and compliant approach to enhancing applicative performance in additive manufacturing, automotive, consumer goods, nail care and construction markets.”

Representatives of Sartomer will give several presentations during the RadTech Europe conference. Xavier Drujon, Ph.D., will discuss “Comparison of photo and electron beam polymerization,” while Liza Marasinghe, Ph.,D., will talk about “New methacrylate oligomer resins for high-performance consumer and industrial applications.” Additional presentations will include: “Energy curable pressure sensitive adhesives” by Chris Orilall, Ph.D.; “Innovations in (meth)acrylic systems for additive manufacturing” by Dr. Noémi Fellée, Ph.D.; and “High-performance oligomers and amine reactivity boosters for low-energy curing” by Kévin Demoulin.

In the tabletop area, Sartomer reports that it will feature products such as N3xtDimension® engineered liquid resins for 3D printing; additives for enhanced adhesion, functional performance, and surface effects; engineered resin solutions for UV pultrusion processing of reinforced glass fibers dedicated to insulation applications; and solutions for advanced EB-curable systems.

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