This company has expanded its family of materials for the encapsulation and protection of electronic assemblies and components with its FH1438AB epoxy potting compound. In addition, H.B. Fuller has completed the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) QMFZ2.E89705 recognition program for the FH1438AB potting compound to provide a flexible material that, in turn, can potentially help finished goods manufacturers more quickly attain UL® certification.

The new material is reportedly tested and certified as a UL-recognized component to meet the UL 94-V0 flame rating. The potting compound, a two-part epoxy resin system, has a durometer value of 70 Shore 00. It reportedly provides the required protection to surface-mount components (SMT) during a range of temperature cycles without subjection to high stress levels. The potting compound is also formulated with high resistance to age hardening, which can provide a consistent durometer measurement over time while maintaining resistance to salt water and Fuel C.

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