Creative Materials recently introduced 904-64A/B, a two-component silicone addition-cured potting compound. According to the company, this high-performance product is red in color and thermally conductive, cures at room-temperature, and has low shrinkage. In addition, it features easy air release as well as excellent mechanical, thermal, and shock resistance properties.

904-64A/B has a wide service temperature range and excellent chemical resistance. It has a rating of UV 94V-0 and when fully cured will not undergo reversion under normal operating conditions.

904-64A/B is used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic components as a cushion coating, as well as an encapsulant and potting compound. Typical applications include electronic transformers, inductors, sensors, oceanic equipment, and aerospace components.

The cured properties of 904-64A/B include shore hardness > 65A, service temperature between -55 and 300°C, tensile strength > 575 psi, dielectric strength of 650 VTM, and thermal conductivity of 1.75 W/mK.

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