Nordson EFD, a Nordson company, recently announced it has more than tripled the speed of its PICO™ series jet dispensing systems—from 150 Hz (cycles per second) up to an industry-leading continuous 500 Hz, reportedly making them the fastest piezoelectric valves available to the global manufacturing community.

“Making our proven PICO valve technology even faster is the latest demonstration of our 50 years of commitment to developing innovative dispensing technologies that help our customers build their own products better, faster and more cost effectively,” said Ken Forden, vice president and general manager. “The fact that the enhanced PICO valves can run continuously at such high speed will enable manufacturers to produce much more product in much less time.”

PICO systems use piezoelectric jetting technology to apply adhesives, lubricants and other assembly fluids with exceptional speed, in amounts as small as 2 nanoliters. Because PICO jet valves do not contact the substrate, they can be used to apply precise amounts of fluid on uneven surfaces or products with small components, tight tolerances or hard-to-access areas, such as mobile handsets and medical devices.

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