Ellsworth Adhesives recently announced it has been named 2012 North American Electronics Distributor of the Year by Dow Corning Corp. The award is reportedly an acknowledgement of top performance among other category distributors; the criteria for selection includes promotion of new products, identification and development of customer solutions, value-added services, business-to-business excellence, and financial performance.

“Dow Corning Corporation has continued to be an outstanding partner for Ellsworth Adhesives with an innovative focus on electronics protection with silicone materials,” said Roger Lee, vice president, North America. “We look forward to further opportunities and growth as Dow Corning continues to innovate new technologies for our key markets.”

In addition, Ellsworth Adhesives’ Engineering sales representatives Ron Cormier and Sergio Ramirez (Mexico) were awarded the 2012 Gold and Bronze Sellers of the Year, respectively. These coveted awards honor best in class for field sales professionals representing Dow Corning Electronics applications.

For additional information, visit www.ellsworth.com.