This company is continuing to expand its line of Scotch® recycled corrugate tape with the addition of 3072, an industrial packaging tape designed to deliver performance on3M: Recycled Corrugate Tape today’s corrugated boxes. Designed specifically for use with recycled corrugated boxes (which are reportedly more difficult to seal because of shorter, flatter fibers), the Scotch recycled corrugated tapes are stickier than conventional box sealing tapes. As a result, the versatile, super-sticky tape will stick to most packaging material in use today.

“Environmental standards are changing rapidly and companies are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their costs and improve their environmental footprint,” said Brian Kenady, U.S. Marketing manager. “3M’s recycled corrugate tape 3072 is continuing the tradition of this tape portfolio by making manufacturers’ jobs easier and helping them to keep pace with industry changes.”

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