A new strapping tape is available from this company. Scotch® clean removal strapping tape 8899HP can offer a long-lasting hold with clean removal from a variety of surfaces.

“Customers were asking for a product that was easy to apply, allowing users to save time and costs associated with rework,” said Mitch Hallan, U.S. product marketer. “Applying 3M’s expertise with adhesives, we developed a tape that can reduce costs by ensuring a secure hold with less tape and reducing the risk of residue damage.”

The tape reportedly is designed with 3M’s proprietary pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive, which can be applied to and adhere to common surfaces, such as vinyl, painted metal, stainless steel, plastic, and glass. Applied by hand or with a dispenser, 8899HP adheres to hold shelving, racks, doors, panels, electrical cords and other parts in place during the shipping process. It also features a tensilized polypropylene film backing, which provides proper stiffness and resistance to moisture. After exposure to hot and cold conditions, the tape can reportedly be successfully removed without leaving a sticky residue or stain.

For more information, visit www.3m.com.