3M recently announced the availability of Scotch® 375+ high-tack box sealing tape, an industrial packaging tape used for box sealing, splicing, recouperage, and other packaging applications. Building on the Scotch 375 product, Scotch 375+ reportedly provides a secure seal, offering a quicker stick and hold than other packaging tapes.

With its consistent, pressure-sensitive, high-performance, hot-melt synthetic rubber adhesive system, the upgraded tape reportedly adheres rapidly to a variety of surfaces. Coated with a 10% renewable component adhesive, it adheres well to heavier weight boxes and hard-to-stick corrugate boxes with up to 100% recycled content.

“With Scotch High Tack Box Sealing Tape 375+, we’ve taken steps to assure boxes will stay closed throughout the supply chain journey, even in rough packaging or handling conditions,” said Justin Harris, Box Sealing Tape marketing manager.

According to 3M, Scotch 375+ performed well in a current product line application at a large ecommerce customer. The tape had a strong initial bond to boxes emerging from a case sealer, which prevented operators from having to stop production and re-tape any boxes—ensuring the high-speed packaging line ran with optimal efficiency.

3M reports that additional product attributes include:

  • Rapid adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including fiberboard. The tape’s high percent of fiber pull helps to indicate a stronger tape bond to the box.
  • Quick, easy application can be made by hand, using manual dispensers or via 3M-Matic™ case sealers, which provide economic automation for easy carton sealing.
  • Tamper resistant and clear, the tape can be custom printed to promote a manufacturer’s or retailer’s brand.
  • Performs well through temperature ranges typical in shipping and storage environments.

Additional details are available at www.3m.com.