This company’s EnerLogic® 35 low-e insulating window film reportedly provides homeowners with savings on heating and cooling costs. Most residential window films block solar energy and reduce solar heat gain during the summer, but they don’t help reduce heating costs in the winter. With EnerLogic, heat from the sun is reportedly reflected away from a home’s windows, reducing the amount of air conditioning needed to cool a home in the summer. During winter months, radiant heat from heating systems is directed back into the room vs. escaping through windows, reducing energy use and improving comfort.

To validate the energy-efficiency value of EnerLogic, the Hyatt Regency Houston recently installed the window film in 48 of its hotel rooms, which each contained one window. Energy savings from EnerLogic was determined by monitoring and comparing the energy used in rooms with film vs. those without film. Green Generation Solutions, an independent energy solutions company, conducted this energy measurement process continuously for six months. Its results were also validated by the local utility company, Centerpoint Energy.

The guestrooms with window film reportedly showed a reduction of 23% in cooling energy use and 25% in heating energy use. The hotel will see a full return on its investment (ROI) in 3.6 years. ROI on EnerLogic low-e window film can reportedly reach the same level for homeowners, especially with available tax credits and savings on utility bills.

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