Eastman Chemical Co. recently announced that its EnerLogic® 35 low-e window film has received EcoSpecifier Global GreenTag certification, a green product certification based on lifecycle assessment. Submitted for GreenTag certification by MEP Films in Australia, Eastman’s EnerLogic distributor, EnerLogic 35 was certified at the LCARate Gold Plus level.

“Without significantly reducing the amount of daylight entering a building, this low-e window film reduces solar heat gain and provides year-round thermal efficiency for existing windows in both warm and cool climates,” said Jeremy Verstraete, global business manager for Eastman Chemical Co. “We’re honored that EnerLogic 35 is the first and only window film to have been granted GreenTag Gold Plus certification for being an excellent product in its market category.”

EnerLogic 35 low-e window film was reportedly rated by EcoSpecifier Global on several factors, including impact on building operating costs, personal and ecosystem health, local and global species, greenhouse gas emissions, and corporate responsibility. GreenTag-rated products receive Product Eco-Scorecards that display the product’s lifecycle assessment and eco-point ratings for comparison or evaluation based on what’s most important to a commercial building professional.

Awarded in Australia, GreenTag certification is recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED green building rating system and several other global environmental rating systems, including BREEAM and the German Sustainable Building Council.

For additional information, visit www.eastman.com.