The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) recently announced that a record 579 attendees participated in its Fall Convention and Expo, which took place October 21-23 in Minneapolis. The event provided 45 business sessions, a 70-company Expo, and several networking opportunities. 

“ASC brings the industry together for three things: education, innovation and networking, and the ASC Fall Meeting and Convention was an exceptional example of  the industry coming together for these strong value drivers,” said Matthew E. Croson, president. “Our educational platform has expanded to include new tracks dedicated to advanced technology, our Expo has grown by 33% in the past three years delivering more innovation, and we added several networking events to add value. We feel that the combination of these value drivers create a strong opportunity for the industry to connect during the ASC Meeting, and is what drove the record attendance.”

In addition to the Convention and Expo, a Hot Melt Short Course took place that drew 103 attendees, including 86 paid participants, with an additional 17 industry experts participating as speakers.

“ASC’s short course has only reached 100 one other time—the first Waterborne Short Course,” Croson said. “The subject matter is trending globally with hot-melt technology being considered for a wide range of solutions within a variety of market segments, including electronics and nonwovens. We were pleased to introduce the basics of the technology to new chemists in our industry who were the primary attendees of the Short Course.”

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