H.B. Fuller recently announced it has received the New Product Innovation Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan for its hot-melt adhesive product innovation and technical leadership in the nonwoven hygiene market. The award reportedly recognizes the development and successful commercialization of two next-generation, high-cohesion, olefin-based, hot-melt adhesive products: Full-Care™ 5300 and Full-Care™ 5650.

After detailed comparisons with competitors’ products, Frost & Sullivan reportedly determined that its “independent analysis of the hot-melt adhesives market clearly shows that H.B. Fuller’s Full-Care™ 5300 and Full-Care™ 5650 offer superior performance with potential reduction in total cost in use ownership for the customer, which makes their products ideal upgrades from traditional adhesives in the non-woven hygiene sector.”

“This award shines a light on our commitment to innovation,” said Hassan Rmaile, chief Technology and Innovation officer for H.B. Fuller. “Frost & Sullivan’s independent research provides valuable recognition of the work our exceptional global team is doing to drive forward total solutions in adhesive technology that support our customers’ efforts to bring breakthrough innovations to market. We are, therefore, extremely proud to receive this recognition.”

For more information, visit www.hbfuller.com or www.frost.com