Recent advances in materials and equipment are reportedly creating new demand for radiation-curable (radcure) coatings in a number of industrial applications, according to Applied Data Research. This new demand is occurring as several technology advances are being brought into the marketplace. By removing some of the key limitations of radcure coatings, these advances are enabling radcure coatings to meet unique application requirements, opening up a number of new opportunities.

Technical advances that are having a significant impact on the industry’s growth prospects include systems designed for radiation curing of 3D objects and microprocessor-based programmable curing systems. The use of coatings is being strongly influenced by the proliferation of computer-assisted manufacturing and robotics throughout the manufacturing workplace. Because they lend themselves to automated fabrication, radiation-curable coatings will experience rapid growth in markets where automation of the workplace is advancing.

To take advantage of the opportunities presented by these new technology and market developments, coatings suppliers must be aware of the market potential of radcure coatings, as well as the process limitations and product initiatives of major coatings users. Suppliers must also be willing to act on this information by teaming with manufacturers to develop the pilot programs that will be required to bring these new applications to market.

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