This company has developed two Loctite anaerobic retaining compounds that can reportedly perform at operating temperatures up to 180°C and show cure strength through oil contaminations and on passive metal surfaces.

“Loctite 638 and 648 offer customers increased reliability and greater heat resistance,” said Niamh O’Reilly, Ph.D., Product Development department. The newly developed adhesives reportedly guarantee secure bonding on insufficiently cleaned parts, solving a problem that is typical in many manufacturing processes. They can achieve excellent curing on all metals, including passive metal surfaces like stainless steel. This allows for more flexibility in substrates and designs.

When used to secure bearings, bushings, gears and cylindrical assemblies into housings or onto shafts, Loctite 638 and Loctite 648 retaining compounds reportedly allow higher load transmission and uniform stress distribution, while also eliminating fretting corrosion. The reliability of the joint increases compared to conventional unbonded assemblies.

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