A new video from this company goes inside the Polaris manufacturing facility to show how the company is using Loctite® anaerobic threadlockers and retaining compounds to enhance the durability of its snowmobiles. In the video, engineers from Polaris reportedly explain why they use the adhesives and discuss specific applications where they are used. Polaris sleds are used by competitive snocross racers and X Games athletes because they are built to endure the punishment of full-out driving maneuvers, high loads and even crashes.

The video also features interviews with professional snocross racer and freestyle rider Levi LaVallee, who has earned nine Winter X Games medals and holds the world record for the 412.5-ft distance jump achieved on his snowmobile in 2010. LaVallee discusses both the reliability of Polaris sleds and the power of Loctite adhesives in preventing equipment failure.

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