Unintended heat transfer from industrial infrastructure is an ongoing challenge to worker safety, equipment maintenance and energy efficiency. This company recently introduced MAINCOTE™ IC acrylic resins, intended to create a new category of liquid insulation coating that provides a solution to this challenge by offering low thermal conductivity in an easy spray application.

“We want to provide paint formulators with a product that will help their industrial customers reduce costs and facilitate worker safety,” said Mary Rose Correa, North America industrial coatings field marketing manager. “Waterborne thermal insulation coating formulations containing MAINCOTE IC acrylic resins not only have safe touch properties at elevated temperatures, but also maintain target temperatures with notably lower energy usage vs. without a coating.”

Thermal insulation coatings formulated with the resins reportedly offer a solution to unintended heat loss and CUI. The resins are designed for use with low thermal conductivity fillers, and coatings formulated with them can replace the thick mechanical insulation that can mask CUI. Fiberglass and other industrial insulation materials typically require a separate moisture barrier or jacketing to keep out water to prevent corrosion issues.

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