This company introduced two new resin technologies for low- and ultra-low-VOC coatings at the 2015 SSPC Conference and Exhibition, which took place February 3-6 in Las Vegas. MAINCOTE™ AEH acrylic epoxy hybrid combines the weatherability and UV resistance of acrylics with the chemical resistance of epoxies for two-component (2K) concrete coatings. Expanding on its offerings for direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings, the company also launched MAINCOTE 4950 acrylic resin, an offering that reportedly combines three technical innovations in one binder for high performance with less VOC.

“Coatings are increasingly recognized as contributing to holistic green building design by helping enhance durability and protection properties,” said Mary Rose Correa, North American industrial coatings field marketing manager. “Our new MAINCOTE resins build on the durability and protection properties of metal and concrete coatings while lowering VOC to low and ultra-low levels.”

MAINCOTE AEH resin can offer excellent tire pickup resistance in waterborne 2K concrete coatings, allowing its use in commercial flooring and residential garage floors where high performance and ultra-low VOC is desired. For commercial and institutional wall applications, the resin offers resistance to aggressive cleaning regimens while contributing to improved aesthetics in daylighted interiors.

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