SCIGRIP recently announced it has been awarded the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certification for its SG230 HV (high viscosity) range of structural products. Founded in 1862, ABS is one of the world’s largest classification services intended to ensure that materials, products and service providers meet the specifications and standards of excellence in the maritime, military, and offshore sectors.

SCIGRIP submitted a comprehensive range of data around SG230 HV to allow ABS to determine if the product met its specification criteria. Based on a satisfactory review of the physical and mechanical test results, SG230 HV was awarded a Product Design Assessment Certificate (PDA).

Following the PDA certification, a site survey of SCIGRIP’s Durham, N.C., facility was conducted to ascertain if the product would be consistently produced in accordance with the specification. This resulted in additional accreditations, including the issuance of a Manufacturing Assessment Certificate and Type Approval of the product.

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